Never Ever!

4-5 Miles 

For those who said they'd never race. Never say never!!! You've been out riding and love being on the trail, but are still starting out. Let's keep this fun! 3-4 mile Beginner Course plus challenges, Race begins at 12:30 pm. Categories for 20 and under, 21-39, and 40+.


Weekend Warrior

5-7 Miles

You love to ride and maybe even race from time to time. You have probably passed a guy in an Iceman Jersey and politely waved as you pedaled by. 6-8 miles plus challenges, race begins at 10:30 am. Categories for 20 and under, 21-39, and 40+


Dirt Diva

10-12 miles

Chain lube is in your blood. Quite a few people have no idea what you look like without a bike helmet and dirt on your cheeks -- but you look like a total diva when covered with dirt. 12-16 miles plus challenges, race begins at 9 am.


One. Ring. Only!

5-7 miles

Deraileurs?! Who needs them?!  You just like to hammer and thinking about shifting takes too much time.  If you love the minimalist beauty of a single cog and a straight chain line, this category is for you. 6-8 miles plus challenges, race begins shortly after 10:30 am. Now to decide which gear ratio to run…


Fabulously Fat

(Fat Bikes Only)

5-7 Miles

For those riders who are always prepared for whatever Michigan can throw at them. Your favorite way to ride is with tires 3.7" or wider. Oh, there’s sand on the trail? Where? - you didn’t notice it! Giant tires mean you can roll over anything life throws at you. 6-8 miles plus challenges, race begins shortly after 10:30 am.


Double Diva (Tandem)

5-7 miles

Two divas on one bike?! We just don't know if we can handle this awesomeness! We salute those riders brave enough to cede complete control of steering to a friend :) Go tandems! 5-7 miles Plus challenges, race begins shortly after 10:30 am. Never raced tandem before? This is the race to borrow a bicycle built for two to check it out!


10-12 mileS  - NO CHALLENGES

You've been to races and you've got the competitive drive to put yourself in the pain cave. You may have been to Skirts in the Dirt in the past and although you had fun at the challenges, you're looking for something more streamlined so that you can go go go! Unapologetically get after that trail, and let 'er rip! Boss should really be spelled BAWSE - Bad Ass Women Who Shred Everything. Race begins at 9am.


Squirts in the Dirt

(Ages 12 and under)

4-5 miles

Kids Under 12 race for free -- Bring the whole family!. This race will follow the 3-4 Never Ever! course. Riders will start shortly after the other Never Ever! racers at 12:30 pm.



For more information:

Feel free to ask us any questions regarding categories and we'll help you find the correct one!