Skirts in the Dirt is open to all women and is designed with the beginner in mind, although it is a blast for all skill levels!


Mountain biking is what we love!! 

It brings us joy. 

It challenges us. 

It makes and builds friendships.

It is great exercise and fantastic stress relief!

Skirts in the Dirt is more than just another mountain bike race -- it is a celebration of all women who ride! Cis, trans, non-binary, and femme. Our space is safe and we extend an invitation to anyone who might feel intimidated joining in! The sport is awesome, and the people are even better! 

Join the West Michigan Mountain Biking Alliance and some of the most fun, inspiring folks out there for the midwest's first and only mountain biking race of this kind!

Date: August 17, 2019

Where: Wahlfield Park

Who: YOU! - Skirts in the Dirt is open to ALL women, meaning: cis, trans, non-binary, femme. It’s important to work with our WTFNB+ community here in West Michigan, and we’re constantly checking our language and trying our best to cultivate a safe and friendly space. We want to ride with all of the strong, fun, creative riders in our community (or anyone who wants to road trip here!) If you are a guy who wants to participate - we have plenty of volunteer opportunities, we’ll have an obstacle course for everyone to play on, and we always welcome spectators!

Why: For the fun.  For the community.  To try something new or just to race with a ton of awesome people. To push yourself. To try new things! To celebrate all women in the cycling scene and to heckle your friends!


This race would not be successful without the help of volunteers! If you are interested in helping make this event happen, please click the link below and sign up for a volunteer role or two! Feel free to encourage your friends and family to sign up and cheer you on while course marshaling or sweeping for a different race :)