Which category do I race?!

Whichever category strikes your fancy! We aren't here to boss you around!

If you've never done a race before and you want to test the waters, sign up for our Never Ever category! The Never Ever is similar to a beginner category in other local mountain bike races, but the idea behind it is that we'll all do our first race together! If you're feeling a little saucy and you want to challenge yourself, or you've done a mountain bike race before and you're feeling a little more confident in passing people or braaping the trails, sign up for the Weekend Warrior category! Girls 12 and under (our Squirts in the Dirt category) race for free, if your Squirt is confident and wants to push it - she's more than welcome to register in another category - just message us so we can get you a discount code! :)

We encourage signing up for whichever category you're comfortable with. Winning and making the podium is awesome, but we love seeing riders challenge themselves and try new things! If you've done one category a few years in a row, consider bumping yourself into a new category to see how things go! Who knows, you might surprise yourself!! Never raced tandem or single-speed before? Borrow a friend's bike! We've had so much fun experimenting and trying new things at this race before, you won't regret it, we promise!

Should I bring a friend?

The answer is: YES! Always! The more the merrier! Plus, we give away bonus raffle tickets for each friend that you rope into coming out to join us at Skirts in the Dirt - so take some names and bug your pals, let's do this!

Do you need Volunteers?

This is another question with a "Yes! ALWAYS!" response. If your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/grandparents/friends/coworkers/extended family/person you just met is interested in volunteering we would love to have their help come race week to help mark the course, course marshall, snag water, etc. All volunteers get a free shirt! Click the button below to sign up!