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Our friend Lisa Vormwald has put together a map of the courses, and if you want to download it this weekend you can for free from the Avenza map app on your smart phone. Thank you for all of your help, Lisa! We're also publishing where our fun challenges are this year so you know to expect them! ;) 

Course Description: All of our race categories will line up near the large pavilion and will start on the hiking gravel path before wrapping back and dipping into the single-track. This will help to eliminate bottle-necking once everyone dips into the trail. We will be riding Wahlfield the yellow direction on race day.

Never Evers & Squirts in the Dirt: These racers will ride the path before diving into the yellow entrance on the south end of the park. There, the course weaves through some beautiful yellow flowers before dipping into the single-track. This single-track section is relatively flowy with a few bridges to ride over. If you are able to take a peek at this section of trail before your race start, we recommend doing so before coming up to them full-speed and being surprised! Remember to call out to those riding behind you if you're slowing, and if you decide to walk through an area you're unsure about, please remember to be aware of your surroundings and to move your bike off the trail for other riders. We walk areas we're unsure of all of the time and it'll help you choose your lines next time you ride through! From this area, you'll pop back out on single-track into a corn field (Swimming Holes) and it's wide open from this point up until our first challenge hosted by Vanderkitten. Complete the challenge, get your sticker, and continue onwards! You'll cruise through some more cornfield and make your way into another field of wildflowers. You'll veer to the left and climb up to the flow trail to ride the second line (98 problems). The second challenge hosted by the GR Trail Riders will be in this area. You'll get your sticker and head off through another the Field of Dreams. Follow the markers and continue through the corn field, until you get to our third challenge hosted by GR Bike Polo. From this challenge, you'll head back into some single-track (the Berry Patch) and you'll noodle through this area full of some zig-zags before coming to the last bridge (the Fall of Utah - named after Utah the dog!), and making your way through the woods to the finish! Your course is about 5 miles in length. 

Weekend Warrior, All the Single Ladies, Fabulously Fat, Double Diva: You'll follow the same couse as the Never Evers and Squirts in the Dirt, but you will complete all three lines of the flow trail. The GR Trail Riders, our course marshals, and Julie and Jill will make sure you are riding all of the lines by putting more stickers on your number plates once you reach the top of the flow trail! Each racer will start with line 1 of the flow (No Problems) and work their way through line 2 (98 Problems) and line 3 (Lotsa Problems). After riding the flow trails and hitting your challenge, you'll continue through the Field of Dreams up to the GE Loop on the north end of the park. You'll dip into some rooty single-track before popping back out into Corn Rows and following the rest of the Never Ever's course through the Berry Patch, etc. This course is about 7 miles in length.

Dirt Diva: This is where it gets good. You'll follow the same courses as the Never Evers/Weekend warriors, but before you hit the flow trail we're sending you through Oxbow Run, a bench-cut section of trail near the flow trail. After completing the Oxbow Run, you'll head up to climb to hit the flow trail and you'll ride all three trails before hitting up the GR Trail Rider's challenge and continuing on to complete the loop past the large pavilion. The best part about this? You get to head back out for a second loop! If you want to stage a water bottle hand up near the pavilion, this is a great event to practice doing so!! You'll jump back into the single-track and complete the full loop before cruising on through the finish line. Course marshals will help direct you back out for your second loop and you do not have to do the challenges twice. It's up to you if you want to complete everything the first lap, the second lap, or split them up between both laps. We will check for your stickers once you cross the finish line! This course is about 14 miles.

Boss: You'll complete the same course as the Dirt Divas, sans challenges, THREE times. You will need to collect stickers confirming that you have done all three lines of the flow trail all three laps. Course marshals will help direct you back out for your second and third loops and the GR Trail Riders will help direct you up onto the flow. This course is about 18 miles.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the race courses, and remember, thanks to Lisa we'll have maps available on race day through the free Avenza Map. You can also check out the Wahlfield trail map on TrailForks.

Parking: There are about 100 parking spaces at Wahlfield Park. We are approved for overflow parking on the north side of 8 mile. Please be considerate of the local neighbors and park as far off the road as possible. Do not park on the south side of 8 mile - we want to leave as much of the road open for the safety of our participants and for traffic. Carpool with friends if possible! Thanks in advance!

Julie Whalen