Course Description: All of our race categories will line up near the large pavilion and will start on the hiking gravel path before wrapping back and dipping into the single-track. This will help to eliminate bottle-necking once everyone dips into the trail. We will be riding Wahlfield the yellow direction on race day.

2019 Race Course TBA!

The current idea is to have the Never Ever’s and Squirts in the Dirt race 1 lap, Weekend Warrior/Double Diva/Fabulously Fat/Single Speeders race 2 laps, and the Dirt Diva’s race 3 laps. We’ll confirm soon, we promise! <3

Check out the Wahlfield trail map on TrailForks.

Parking: There are about 100 parking spaces at Wahlfield Park. We are approved for overflow parking on the north side of 8 mile. Please be considerate of the local neighbors and park as far off the road as possible. Do not park on the south side of 8 mile - we want to leave as much of the road open for the safety of our participants and for traffic. Carpool with friends if possible! Thanks in advance!

2018 race course

2018 race course

Julie Whalen